Future World at FutureScope with Maurice Coyle from Heystaks

#FutureScope is where those shaping tomorrow come together to compare notes.

We grabbed some time with Heystaks to get a glimpse inside their vision of what’s next.

Heystaks are ahead of the curve in the data processing required to make contextual computing a reality.

Their founder Maurice Coyle has his head in the future. He overflows with knowledge and enthusiasm and will be on the main stage at #FutureScope as part of our #FutureWorld vertical.

What do you dream of in the future?

“In the future the Internet will be everywhere. Devices will be integrated. There will certainly be a lot more opportunity not be tethered to the phone. You’ve already got the Apple watch plus cars, smart cars. Connected cars, connected homes on the verge of becoming mainstream. Traffic and congestion could come a thing of the past. I love that future where your car isn’t even your car, anymore. It’s just something you use from time to time. You don’t necessarily know where it’s parking itself next day. Intelligent machines that really change the world because they disrupt and displace these masses.

Is there a movie which has nailed the future do you think?

“We are in the advertising space and one of the bleak views of the future comes from Minority Report where he’s walking in a shopping mall and he’s getting bombarded with ads targeted at the person whose eyes he has. I think the delivery of it will be a lot more user-friendly, insofar as you won’t get 20 or 30 offers being pushed at you. You’ll get the one that you’re most interested in right now. It will be more like the digital personal assistant than a digital broadcast platform. I think Minority Report got a lot of things right in terms of the way in which they interact with computer systems. The hovering hologram thing is, maybe, not the best way to deliver it but computers assisting us that are disembodied is definitely part of the future. Star Trek has predicted many of the things back then that we have now – including Tricorders! Having computers that you can talk to and have a conversation with to solve your problems is beginning now.

What’s your favourite application of your tech?

Being able to predict the next action of someone is our passion. We take in the context. We are able to predict what the person, in this time and place, are likely to want or need and that’s a really powerful data asset. What’s really satisfying is that we are able to predict when someone will go away. I really love is being able to know automatically what a person is going to do next and then use that to deliver something to them, whether it’s an offer, or an app recommendation or whatever it is. When we started doing that, we were getting really good results. 90 percent accuracy, particularly when someone is going to go away. It’s just very satisfying. It’s the combination of many, many years of work. It’s probably the best one so far.


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