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Society is transforming. Powerful trends are reshaping businesses; driving new technologies, shifting talent needs and changing human behaviour.  The Insights Stage at FutureScope explores the complex journey from innovation to commercial success on a global scale. At this time of constant change and unprecedented technological shifts, we foster the innovative thinking that creates high-value, scalable start-ups. 

9:00am The implications of emerging technologies  

Welcome: Michael Culligan, CEO, Dublin BIC

The pace of change and disruption is creating as many opportunities as casualties. The first step to success, if not survival, is to understand what’s coming down the track and to have a deep view of the of the opportunities and challenges for the business owner to consider.         

9:10am Disruptive tech shaping future opportunities

Keynote address: Masao Takahashi, Head of Forum, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum  

In this era of connected systems and data-driven businesses, there is tremendous promise for growth. How can business leaders make informed decisions to drive their business in the new global context. 

9:30am The next wave

Quick fire Innovation Showcase

Three companies take to the stage to showcase cutting edge innovations and demonstrate why they will be the success stories of a new world

  • ApisProtect 
  • Robotics & Innovation TCD 
  • iTremor 

9:40am Where’s the challenge?  The pragmatic approach of challenge funding

Keynote address: Dr. Ruth Freeman, Science Foundation Ireland

Challenge funding brings together the best of research and business to tackle the big societal and industrial challenges we face.

9:55am Building innovation to scale

Insights with Q&A:  Bobby Healy, Car Trawler & Anne Jones, Genomics Medicine Ireland moderated by Charlie Talyor, Irish Times 

The innovators who made it. Business leaders share their insights on achieving success from what was, at one point, ‘just an idea’ They will share perspectives on what they see coming down the track for the next wave of ambitious entrepreneurs.

10:30am The race for commercial space

Keynote address: Niels Eldering, European Space Agency

Some 4,500 satellites circle Earth, providing communications services and navigational tools, monitoring weather, observing the universe, doing more besides. Once the domain of governments, this arena is now open for business in the commercial world. What are the opportunities presented by the next frontier?

10:40am Fighting back: A response to disruption

Keynote address: David McRedmond, CEO, An Post

The global e-commerce world is growing exponentially with a lot more to come. With new technologies revolutionizing the way that our products are delivered to us, it is a time for dramatic change in the industry.


Innovation & Disruption 

Disruptive technologies are solving real world challenges while transforming industries and business models. We explore the true meaning of innovation and how it can be developed to benefit society and business.


11:30am Pitch: Science Foundation Ireland Future Innovator Prize  

12 super innovative teams will compete for €1 million in funding

Each will deliver their response to a societal challenge in three minutes. The Future Innovator Prize is a new challenge funding opportunity from Science Foundation Ireland. It seeks to support Ireland’s best and brightest unconventional thinkers and innovators to develop novel, potentially disruptive, technologies to address significant societal challenge.

12:35pm Building a Connected Tomorrow: The rollout of 5G and NB-IoT

Next generation connectivity through 5G and NB-IoT will make our cities smarter, enable technology for holograms, self-driving cars, AR and the real-time control of robots. Hear from Vodafone’s Max Gasparroni and Debbie Power about these new technologies and how they will enable Ireland’s Gigabit Society.

  • Vodafone
  • Siro 
  • 5G Accelerator
  • IDA
  • DCU Alpha

1:15pm Data and Cyber Security in a Hyper-Connected World 

Keeping on top of Data security in a hyper-connected world and how to deal with the increasing level of cyber risk that new hi-speed communications networks and hardware devices bring

  • Cork BIC, International Security Accelerator 
  • Cyber Risk International
  • Sytorus
  • Altada 

2:00pm Dublin Docklands – A living lab for 5G powered innovation            

A fully functioning 5G networks test bed will soon be available in the Docklands and it promises to be a real engine for commercial innovation. What will this network enable innovators to do and how can innovators access this network?

  • Dublin City Council
  • SeeSense
  • Denesair
  • DogPatch Labs

2:45pm Smart Rural - Feeding and powering the nation

Innovation in agri, food and energy tech is the foundation to building sustainable societies. 

How do we grow more food, using smart technologies, to ensure sustainability? Who are the food technologists and what do they do? What are the latest innovations in renewable and distributed energy generation shaping our nationwide power demands and which will drive down our CO2 emissions?

  • Kerry Group
  • ESB
  • Finistere Ventures 
  • Smart Farm Ireland (IFA)

3:25pm SBIR – Opening the door to commercial opportunities for innovators

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) is the national innovation initiative aimed at driving innovation across all sections of local government via robust engagement with technology-rich companies and organisations.  We hear about the technology-enabled responses to a range of challenges including, mobility, illegal dumping and health. 

  • Dublin City Council 
  • Enterprise Ireland
  • Grid Smarter Cities
  • Danalto
  • Compass
  • NOHO



Corporates need start-ups and start-ups need corporates

Many of today’s challenges are too complex for single organisations. Innovation through collaboration is the route taken by an increasing number of actors whether from research, start-ups or big business. 


11:30am Collaboration-in-Action: Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund

The first 27 projects from Ireland’s €500m Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) have been revealed and will receive a combined €75m in support, with projects ranging from community-based energy generation to photonics, new polymers and gene therapy platforms. We hear from some of the successful consortia about the innovation and the collaboration elements of the Fund.

  • Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation
  • Atrian Medical
  • Exertis
  • Sonalake 
  • IBM Research
  • Tyndall National Institute

12:00pm Innovation through Collaboration: The An Post Challenge 

In a world of unprecedented disruption and opportunities, business transformation today revolves around the need to generate new value—to unlock new opportunities, to drive new growth, to deliver new efficiencies. As part of its considerable digital transformation journey, An Post, supported by its strategic digital partner, Strata3, will take to the stage at FutureScope to announce how it will open its doors to collaborate on finding solutions to specific challenges, offering significant business opportunities to start-ups and tech companies.

  • An Post
  • Strata3
  • Enable Research
  • Code Institute


1:15pm Autonomous Anonymous: The promise of cobots

As we move closer to Industry 4.0 implementation as part of the ongoing digital transformation journey, the use of collaborative robots (cobots), which are designed to work alongside people in, sectors such as manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and healthcare, is expected to grow at dramatic rates in the next few years. The panel will explore how we will collaborate and use the new technologies to build businesses

  • Barry O’Sullivan, Insight Centre
  • vStream
  • Blueface
  • Robotics and Innovation Lab TCD

2:00pm The Fintech Revolution: No more waiting in line! 

This panel looks at the future of money, using digital identity and blockchain to connect governments, businesses and consumers. We look at how the world of finance is set to undergo even more radical change in the coming years and where are the opportunities for the entrepreneur

  • Enterprise Ireland
  • Social Innovation Fund
  • Barry Brennan Cofounder Transfermate
  • Project Salmon
  • Finch Capital
  • Swoop Funding


2:40pm Dublin is getting smarter 

Smart Dublin is an initiative of the four Dublin Local Authorities to engage with smart technology providers, researchers and citizens to solve challenges and improve city life. The aim is to position Dublin as a world leader in the development of new urban solutions, using open data, and the city region as a test bed. We explore how we can use smart technologies to improve city livability and competitiveness by positioning Dublin as the place to pilot and scale new smart city technology opportunities.

  • Dublin City Council
  • Microsoft
  • DCU Alpha 
  • Enable Research TCD
  • Dynamic Labs UCD

3:10pm Shift Left: Open innovation set to transform healthcare 

Stay Left, Shift Left is an HSE initiative based on partnering with innovative companies, universities and individuals to utilise the power of digital applications, data and technology to improve quality of life and improve quality of care while reducing the cost of care.

Panel discussion about how technology and health care delivery will merge to influence the future of hospital design and the patient experience globally.

  • HSE
  • Geonomics Medicine Ireland
  • Health Beacon
  • Oneview Healthcare

3:40pm Open mic pitch to HSE

The HSE wants to hear from innovators who are developing technologies that can meet the challenges faced by the healthcare system

  • Prof. Martin Curley, HSE
  • Genomics Medicine Ireland
  • Philips Healthcare
  • OneView Healthcare
  • FutureScope Attendees




The route from ideation to scale up-business is a long and winding road. Finding the right strategies, processes and ideas to help bring a business to the next level is challenging. But it can be done, and it can be done by you.


11:30am From small beginnings to public listing

Building a global business from Ireland

The CPL Group spans 11 countries and has 41 offices worldwide, helping businesses to find and attract the very best talent across every industry.

  • Anne Heraty, CPL in interview with Michael Culligan, CEO Dublin BIC

11:50am Three in a row: Who’ll be the VentureClash success story of 2019?

Venture clash has attended Futurescope for the last two years and has invested on both occasions; Davra Networks in 2017 and Cloud KPI in 2018.

Not only does VentureClash invest, but it supports companies scale into the US market. The VC team is back and looking for the next investment…

  • Venture Clash
  • Cloud KPI

12:05pm Go Big or Go Home: Accessing global markets - what does it take to scale your company?

Developing a scaling strategy, how do you access funding to fuel growth?

A panel of successful entrepreneurs and investors discuss the strategies to grow your business internationally

  • Fathom
  • Channel Sight
  • Venture Clash
  • IrishJobs.ie 

12:25pm Keeping Dublin Talented: What is Dublin doing to keep talent here?

We discuss the key issues around retaining talent in Dublin City such as housing, transport, quality of life, mobility and culture and we will examine how technology can underpin the search for the correct balance and influences evidence based public policy making.

  • Dublin City Council


1:40pm The €20 million Series A round

Hexafly’s Alvan Hunt kick-started his seed round at Futurescope 2017

Together with his founding team, they have built Ireland’s only fly farm, producing sustainable insect protein for export around the world. They are now on expansion drive, raising €20m to build Europe’s largest insect protein plant.

  • Alvan Hunt, Hexafly 
  • Barry Brennan, CAPF9 

1:55pm Show me the money!

We explore what you have to do to get investment and how to become Investor-ready.

We analyse different approaches to fundraising and different types of investment structures and, of course, how to choose your investors wisely. 

  • Smith & Williamson Ireland & UK
  • Draper Esprit
  • CAPF9 
  • HBAN

2:20pm Choosing to build a global business from Ireland, twice

Do it once, do it again.

The journey to two successes from a serial entrepreneur.  What changes and what is different the second time around.

  • Jim Joyce, HealthBeacon

2:30pm Sports Tech: Sport and technology are colliding like never before

Technological advancements have changed sport from every single perspective, and the trends continues. What can we expect next? 

  • Pundit Arena
  • One-Zero
  • Sportego
  • The Guinness Enterprise Centre

2:45pm Old ways won't open new doors: what is your business model?   

Consider the elements required to scale a business - global brand, sales, pricing, revenue and operations. Have you got it all covered?

  • Car Trawler
  • Learn Upon
  • Clavis Insight 
  • 3:05pm Pitch Battle – The FutureScope One2Watch 2019   

The search is on for Ireland's most scalable business idea.

The idea with the biggest market opportunity and with the most capable team to capture the opportunity wins. Five finalists compete head to head.  A panel of investors decide the outcome. 

Who will be crowned the FutureScope One2Watch 2019?

  • Tympany Medical 
  • Change Donations 
  • Unitek.AI 
  • City Swifter 
  • Output Sports