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FutureScope 2018 Event Programme*

Insights Stage




Breakout Sessions

Creativity Meets Tech

The Insights Stage

Insights Stage – 9am-11am

Insights Stage

Perspectives on emerging technologies and how they will shape our future world, providing crucial insights for ambitious businesses at all stages of the innovation lifecycle.

The Insights stage will focus on macro trends, provided by thought leaders with a global view and a vision of how technology and new business models are impacting society and business at the macro level. The sessions will set the scene for deeper engagement pieces at FutureScope.

Opening Address
Martina Larkin, World Economic Forum: Global view of the Digital World & the Next Decade of Changes

The pace of technological change continues at breakneck speed.  The past decade has been marked by the advance of data analytics, cybersecurity, the rise of artificial intelligence and unprecedented connectivity. As we near 2020, what does the next wave of digital transformation look like and how will the maturing technologies of the last decade impact society and business?

Barry O’Sullivan, The Insight Centre: Ghost in the Machine?

The human problems with machine intelligenceInsights Stage

The increased sophistication of data analytics and the rise of self-programming machines has been a hallmark of the last decade.  As machines become smarter, an increasingly asked question regards ethics and programming intelligence with a focus on humanity.

Eamonn Doyle, CTO Esri Ireland: The Science of Where

Bringing meaning to maps & the world viewed through data

The rise of smart cities, always-on connectivity and IoT has heralded the “science of where” as geo-mapping and location-based services take on a critical role in our connected future. GIS is unleashing potential in every industry from banking and education, to retail and transportation. As the biggest GIS company in the World, Esri presents on trends and insights of this cutting edge and all-pervasive technology.  It’s not all flying cars (though we need GIS for that too!)

Stefano Gastaut, Director or IoT, Vodafone Group Future Connectivity:

It comes in waves – 5G, IoT and Networked futures

As IoT continues to eat up industries and roll out use cases by the hour, we take a look at the “fourth industrial revolution” and the next wave of connectivity.

Stefano provides a global perspective of how Vodafone are placing bets on 5G roll-outs and narrowband connectivity to serve the connected world.

Rob Hudnut, Global Brand and IP Expert: More than Childs Play, Building Global Brands & Mastering IP

Building a global brand is no mean feat. Rob Hudnut joins us to talk about his extensive work as VP of Mattel’s entertainment division, creating and building content for Barbie and how to create licensable IP to open up opportunities.

Stefan Gustafsson, Senior Tech Transfer Officer – Europen Space Agency

The Space industry is abundant with large-scale challenges that can be solved by small tech solutions. The European Space Agency explore how technology start-ups are boldly going where they’ve never gone before.

Insights Stage

* Provisional programme and subject to change

Collaboration Stage

Collaboration Stage

Collaboration Stage: 11:30am-5:00pm

This stage explores collaboration opportunities within the Irish technology & start-up ecosystems.

Collaboration-in-Action part 1. Smart Docklands

Dublin City is becoming a world-class testbed for cutting edge tech, capitalising on its unique position of leading research centres, global corporates and forward-focused agencies.  We get an overview and see some smart city tech pitches.

Smart Docklands | Thinksmarter | TCD | Smart Dublin |Google

Powering Smart Cities

Making Smart Cities Smarter – Why Knowing Where Matters

Location-based services and the use of geo-information is impacting sectors far and wide. Global dominator Esri Inc, provides an overview of how their tech is powering smart cities

Esri Uk

Smart Cities and Connected Futures

The umbrella term of Smart Cities is bringing together cross-cutting technologies for combined smart solutions to city-living. We discuss some of the key enabling technologies that are driving future cities and what the next decade looks like.

Vodafone | Smart Dublin | Esri UK | ARUP | Media City

SBIR Rapid Pitch

Small Business Innovation Research supported by SMART Dublin & Enterprise Ireland

Dublin’s challenges can only be solved through collaboration. The SBIR initiative, run by Smart Dublin, engages start-ups to provide innovative solutions to the cities challenges. We see four back2back pitches of smart solutions in action.

Smart Dublin  | Analytics Engine  | Carra Ireland  | Danalto  | SkyTango

New Money

Alternative funding & lending

A plethora of new mechanisms, technologies and players are pervading the age-old system of lending. From student loans, to startup seed rounds and financing the butchers, bakers and burrito-stall makers, we look at the new kids on the block.

HBAN | Future Finance | Linked Finance | Grid Finance

Ireland Gets Talent

The challenges of creating and retaining a talent hub

Ireland ranks number two for talent attraction on the Global HR barometer, but leaks talent once acquired. What are the factors creating this challenge and how can we overcome them?

Dublin City Council | Newstalk FM | Deloitte | TCD | DCU

Collaboration-in-Action Part 2: Partnering for Growth

Working with large customers and collaborators can provide game-changing advantages and insights for start-ups. This panel explores a use case of growth enabled through partnerships.

TechIreland | RecommenderX | Microsoft | HCL Technologies

Collaboration-in-Action  Part 3: The Connectors Driving Collaboration

The Irish tech landscape benefits enormously from a handful of instrumental organisations. We take a closer look at the driving forces behind successful collaboration and how the ecosystem connects and how your company can engage with them.

Enterprise Ireland | Facebook IDA Guinness Enterprise CentreSoapbox Labs

Collaboration Stage

* Provisional programme and subject to change

Innovation Stage

Insights Stage

Innovation Stage: 11:30am-5:00pm

This stage takes a deep dive into key emerging technologies and how they are being used through real use cases.

The Future of Work: Masters of the Machines

As we teeter on the cusp of a predicted tidal wave of job-loss – is it all hype or the calm before the storm? What will the transition be like? Does the future hold digital dystopias or can we be masters of the machines?

World Economic Forum | IBM | Huwawei | Dublin Chamber of Commerce  | CPL Recruitment

Losing Touch with Reality?

AR/VR reshaping industries

AR/VR technologies are moving mainstream and impacting diverse industries from education to sports. Who’s backing them and what are the use cases?

Suir Valley Ventures | Daqri | Utility AR | Volograms  | CleverBooks

Future Farms and Agri-Tech

Spotlight on trends

Agriculture is a leading sector that is benefitting from digital transformation and tech integration. Global innovator Alltech present on some of the key trends on their radar that are reshaping agriculture


Future Retail

Online Grocery and Beyond

As On-Demand services continue to overhaul industries, we look at retail through the lens of online grocery, and how the use of shared platforms is helping retailers survive the power of plays of global dominators

Devan Hughes -Ceo – Buymie

Future VC

How Blockchain tech & tokenised funding could reshape funding

Blockchain technology is maturing and fast-pervading many areas of finance. VC Cosimo Ventures share their insights on how they are using tokenised funding as a new model for investment

Conor Cantwell – Cosimo Ventures

IoT Innovators

Back2Back Spotlights

Three fast-paced presentations from innovators in the networks and IoT space.

VT-IoT | Firmwave | Wia

Hands Off My Data

Cyber security and the men in the middle

As our world becomes continuously connected, online and digital – how can we protect our homes, families and businesses from the dark side of the web?

Karlin Lillington | Europol  | Wolfberry CS

Age of the Smarty Bots

AI, machine learning & predictive analytics
Insights Stage

AI is fast becoming an all-pervasive technology; as the data glut grows exponentially and we find ways to use it. We look at emerging use cases and how predictive analytics, machine learning and data patterns are opening up untapped opportunities for deeper understanding and personalisation.

Insight Centre | Newswhip | Emotion Reader | Brainwave Bank | Soapbox Labs | WIT / TSSG  | Aylien

Big Data & Genetics

Paving the way for personalised medicine

Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI) Explore the role big data is playing in the explosive growth of personalised medicine.

Genomics Medicine Ireland

Performance Enhancing Data

Sports tech innovators

The sports industry is becoming a major embracer of data-focused tech. We discuss the global appetite for sports-tech and how Irish tech firms are punching above their weight.

Stats | Kitman Labs | Ger Gilroy | Stats Sport

Insights Stage

* Provisional programme and subject to change

Entrepreneurship Stage

Collaboration Stage

Entrepreneurship Stage 11:30am – 5:00pm

This stage provides a platform to explore all things start-up – advice on how to scale, the funding landscape, success stories and of course, pitch battles.

Far & Away

Pathway to the US & growing stateside

The US is a paramount focus of Irish Tech firms. CT Innovations join us to discuss market access and breaking into the states.

CT Innovations | Venture Clash | Davra Networks

Skills to Scale

Igniting start-up creation by nurturing diversity

Starting a business is a non-traditional approach to work and takes guts, skills and perseverance.  Ireland’s entrepreneurial landscape is being lifted by a new wave of founders from diverse backgrounds and skillsets.  We explore stories of the challenges, supports and successes of those who chose a different path.

Sarita Johnston, Enterprise Ireland| Tony McEnroe, Sirius XT | Anita Finnegan,  Novaleh| Conor O’Loughlin, Glofox | Katerina Duke, Infeedex | Mike Sikorski, Huggity


Tools, Channels and Vision

Digital solutions can provide the vital structural backbone to enable the large-scale reach and critical mass that generate true scale. But you’ve got to think big in the first place

Chris Dial – Microsoft

Fireside Banter

Talking shop with med-tech innovators
Insights Stage

We sit down for some friendly banter with Chanelle McCoy, one of Ireland’s major med-tech success stories. Hear her stories of the highs and lows of scaling a med-tech enterprise.

Chanelle McCoy, Chanelle Medical Michael Culligan, Dublin BIC

Paddys at the Oscars

The rise and rise of Irish animation

Since the early successes of Sullivan Bluth and the continuous ability of Ballyfermot college to roll-out world-class graduates. We take a stroll through the history of one of Ireland’s truly successful sectors.

Animation Ireland | Brown Bag Films | Cartoon Saloon

One2watch Pitch Battle Final

Four finalists go head to head to be crowned Ireland’s most scale-able business idea.

Four Finalists: BeSpoke Choice | Buymedia | CroiValve | Electrical Analytics

Judges include: Alison Cowzer, Dragons Den |  Mary McSweeney, Local Enterprise Office | Alan Merriman, Elkstone Venture Capital | Joe Healy, Enterprise Ireland

Fund & Scale

Money, mentors and beyond

We discuss the funding landscape with key players to get a well-rounded view of how to access finance and scale up in Ireland and beyond

Enterprise Ireland | Smith & Willamson | HBAN | Ireland Smart Tech Fund | IVCA

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions 11:30am – 5:00pm

ACT Venture CapitalThinscale Technology
Enterprise Ireland
Effective Software
OBH Partners

Name Description
Scale up or sell out? Identifying ‘Scale-up Gaps’ and exploring scaling strategies We take an in-depth look at ‘scale-up Gaps’, provide insight on growth and funding and the scale vs exit question. We look at five essential enablers of growth to help you plan your scale-up strategy – Finance, Markets, Talent, Professionalising and Transact.
Hosted by Smith & Williamson
Access Space: No Rocket Scientists Required The space industry can provide lucrative commercial opportunities for tech firms. We explore how downstream technologies can solve atmospheric problems through this in-depth session with ESA and DCU makerspace.
Hosted by DCU Maker Space, ESA BIC & ESA
Commercialising Values: Unlocking Opportunities from Responsible Investments From impact investing to how to avoid negative screening – there is a growing momentum around value-driven market opportunities.We explore how to build this into your business and unlock investment and growth.

Szilvia Szabó – The Impacter
David Pollard, CEO – Learning Tech Labs
Ronan Furlong – DCU Alpha
Eva Power – Ethical Silk Company
Faye Droulliand – The Giving Circle (EBAN Investor)
Aideen O’Hora – Sustainable Nation Ireland
Steven O’Gara – Dublin City Council
Lorraine McCann, EY Ireland
The Future of Learning: Rethinking Skill Development for a Brave New World The continued emergence of a tech-centric society is pushing the transition towards digital skills, creating an ever-increasing skills gap. Equally, advances in EdTech are enabling mass learning at lower costs. This session looks at the new innovators in learning who are creating the workforce of the future.

Owen White – Learnovate Centre
David Pollard, CEO – Learning Tech Labs
Alessandro Rimassa – TAG Innovation School
Martin Farrows – Soapbox Labs
Paul Healy – Skillnet
Nb-IoT: Powering the Next Wave of Connectivity As IoT marches forward with cheap batteries, mass sensor deployment and everything connected, this hands-on workshop gets into the challenges and opportunities of low-powered connectivity and NB-IoT.
Hosted by Vodafone

Martin Bell – IoT Technologist – Vodafone
Richard Mooney – Business Development Manager – Vodafone
Enabling Location Based Decision Making in your Organisation Geographical Information Systems have become an all-pervasive technology that underpins decision making at all levels. See how to apply spatial capability to help visualise, analyse and optimise your data to better understand the impact and influence of geography on your business.
Hosted by Esri-Ireland

Charles Kennelly CTO Esri UK
Eamonn Doyle -CTO Esri Ireland
Cyber Security: The Dark Side of the Net The sophistication of cyber-attacks and abuse of data is a global threat, from malware to backdoors, men-in-the middle attacks, and the murky corners of the dark web. This session steps into the nitty-gritty world of cyber security and the ever-increasing challenge of protecting your digital assets.
Hosted by UK Department of International Trade and The Welsh Government 
Access UK Markets: Opportunities Across the Sea With the current jitters about Brexit, it has never been more vital to understand how to access opportunities across the water with our nearest trading partner.
Hosted by UK Department of International Trade and The Welsh Government 

Offstage panels

* Provisional programme and subject to change

Creativity Meets Tech

Creativity Meets Tech 11:30am – 5:00pm (in association with Animation Skillnet and Animation Ireland)

The future of content creation and production pipelines for animation, games, VFX and AR/VR

Name Description
How to Create Kids IP That Inspires Play
Rob Hudnut – Owner Rob Hudnut Productions & former Vice President Mattel’s Entertainment Division)
IP Development For A Changing Distribution and Consumption Landscape This panel will discuss how important it is to develop IP for a global audience and for multiple platforms across multiple media. The panel will also discuss the impact of changing distribution models such as OTT, VOD etc.

Darragh O’Connell – Founder/Creative Director of Brown Bag Films
Rob Hudnut – Owner of Rob Hudnut Productions and former Executive Producer and Vice President of Mattel’s Entertainment Division
Claire Finn – Head of Content/EP at Firecracker Films, former  EP at R/GA and former Head of Production at 4Creative
John Reynolds – Chief Commercial Officer at Jam Media
Gerry Shirren – MD at Cartoon Saloon
Claire McHugh – CEO Axonista
Real-time Production Ben Lumsden – Business Development Manager at Epic Games/Unreal Engine
It’s Not Just Cartoons This panel will look at how animation and games are being used for more than just cartoony entertainment such as for education/information, health, VR, app development etc.

Niall Campion – Founder at VRAI
Nikki Lannen – CEO of Warducks
Niamh Herrity – Co-Founder of Pink Kong Studios
Gusztav Istvan Velicsek – Head of 3D at 3D4 Medical
Emmet O’Neill – Chief Product Officer at Touch Press Limited/StoryToys
Jim Pipe – Director, Design Architecture at HMH Dublin
Olivier Masclef – MD at Black Shamrock Games
Presentation – Mastering Cinematics in Unreal Engine 4 Sjoerd De Jong – Unreal Evangelist at Epic Games
New Technology and the Production Pipeline This panel will look at how new technologies are changing the face of the typical production pipeline for animation, VFX, games, VR/AR such as games engines, real-time rendering, cloud rendering, on-set VFX, artificial intelligence, machine learning, signal processing etc.

Niall Campion – Founder at VRAI
Ben Lumsden – Business Development Manager at Epic Games/Unreal Engine
Eric Risser – Founder and CTO of Artomatix
Scott Singer – VFX Supervisor at Boulder Media
Anil Kokaram – Head of the Sigmedia Research Group at Trinity College
Rafael Pagés Scasso – Co-Founder of Volograms

Offstage panels

* Provisional programme and subject to change

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