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Smith & Williamson on scaling-up and financing growth

By Paul Wyse, Managing Partner; Expert at helping entrepreneurial owners scale their businesses Scalability is about more than figures. Although scale-ups are identified by their rapid growth in turnover, profit, and recruitment, the key characteristics [...]

Four Key Pieces of IoT advice from an expert.

Linda Doyle runs the Connect Centre, headquartered at Trinity College but working out of ten locations nationwide. Linda describes Connect as a “One stop shop for all networks and communication research in Ireland. We design [...]

Only 5% of commerce is on-line

Stripe are one of the biggest on-line global success stories right now. Founded by the Limerick-born Collison brothers Stripe have a multi-billion valuation with Visa as their latest investor. They started out making on-line payments [...]

Aerospace Opportunities at FutureScope

https://youtu.be/rmM40T_BG-c The Starburst Accelerator founder Francois Chopard came to FutureScope to highlight opportunities in aerospace. He wove a convincing tale of an industry trapped in the past that’s poised for massive disruption. One simple slide [...]

Movidius adding Intelligence at the coalface

In September Movidius further cemented their success with the announcement they were being acquired by Intel. Movidius manufacture a range of chips including the Myriad 2 VPU which is an ultra-low power processor designed specifically [...]

Brownbag’s Global Data Flow

https://youtu.be/XxmWm_iJmEY Brownbag are busy redefining content production and business models in this new Netflix era and their CEO Cathal Gaffney shared some deep insights at FutureScope. Brownbag’s productions are seen by over 100m children [...]

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